Training Update -31st Dec to 6th January

Another week done and dusted.  This week was ok/  It started with a race and then a CV interval session and another race.

Mon : Race – 10k in 42.14

Tues : Easy  7 miles

Weds : Easy 8

Thurs : 3 x 1km, 4 x 200m on the track with 200mrec.  Kept this a shorter session as a race on Sunday and this worked well last week.

Fri: 7 miles easy

Sat: OFF

Sun: County XC

Overall this was a good week.  It ended on a good and bad race though.  My aim for the race was to beat last year’s time, which I did by about 20 seconds.  So I am happy with that.  Sadly my asthma played up, so I feel this could have been a better outcome.

I have been very fortunate my asthma has been in complete control over the last few months.  Taking my inhaler before with spacer – this time, it didn’t seem as though I got it in my lungs.  I should have really opted for another puff but didn’t, which potentially was the downfall.  Despite it though I pushed through and am happy I didn’t cave.

Decided to not do strength this week. with 2 races but will certainly be doing it this week.

Next real target is a 10k mid Feb, so training will be for that.  Will be doing some xc races before then but will consider them training rather than taper for them.

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