Getting on with it

After my Physio session last week I was given the go ahead to build up to everyday running – do 2 runs then a break, then 3 etc etc. I sort of got carried away but things have be fine. After today’s Physio session I was given the go ahead to start running every day and see how I get on. I am excited! My form was looked at today on the treadmill. I was told I have quite a neutral landing and my form is good in terms of my legs. I wear minimal shoes so was wondering how I would fair. The problem I have is my upper body – it is tight and doesn’t move very well. This got worked on again today and am feeling much better. It is amazing how my ankle issue has all stemmed from my back and isn’t an issue with anything I am doing with my legs!

My mileage has been as followed. I saw physio and didn’t run that week. The next week I saw physio and I went out running. This was near the end of the week and I ended up doing 71/2 miles told – so about 2 runs. Last week I did 22 miles and this week I am on schedule to do about the same. Next week, if I run each day successfully with issue then I will be up to near 30.

I must admit the first week sucked. Despite all the cross training, it took a good few sessions to break my lungs in. I am doing about 4 mile runs at the moment and just doing a nice easy pace.

I don’t feel like this is too much mileage and my Physio hasn’t shown concern about it either. I am used to running everyday and even though I have had 12 weeks off it seems to be ok. We will see – I take each day as it comes at the moment and am just glad to be running!
I am still doing some cross training. I am doing a few bike rides a week and rowing 3 times a week as I love getting my sweat on. The rowing work is basically interval work. I am also continuing my strength routine. I feel extremely positive about things at the moment and feel I am going to be a much better runner coming back into things, particularly with sorting out my back issues completely too. I am sure that is costing me quite a bit of energy being so tense!

I am looking forward to getting fully back into the swing of things in a few weeks, but for now I am just taking each day I get to run as a beautiful blessing.