Training Update: 11th Feb to 24th Feb

Another 2 weeks done. I need to get better and keeping this up to date!

I am quite happy with how these 2 weeks have went and am glad to have completely put illness behind me. I have decided to omit doing the Runner 360 workout for the time being and focus solely on Elements and any additional things they have to offer. I think both may just be a bit much and something I can add in later when I progressed further and my body can take it!

Elements comes with some supplemental training that works the core.


4 miles easy

Week 4 Day 1 Elements plus Core Conditioning that the programme has as a supplement.


Easy run in the evening. Ran to my friends house a good few miles away, ran some miles with him, then ran home. Total was around 11 miles.

I also did Elements which was active recovery stretching.


6 x 800m (1 min rec), 4 x 200m (1 min rec). I was happy with this workout. Kept the 800ms within the pace I wanted and didn’t do them too fast. Finished feeling tired but like I could do more and that is always the goal for me.

Also did Elements Week 4, Day 3 practising frogger to monkey and pushing with high monkey.


5 miles easy

Elements stretching recovery.


3 miles easy

Elements practising bear to frogger and pushing with high frogger.


Parkrun – easy with friend again, although this kinda went progressive – easy to steady.

Elements practising bear to monkey to frogger transitions.


I was a bit crazy today. I went out in the morning for 10 miles over various hills that could be found in this flat part of the country. This was with some club mates. It was very easy and very nice to do.

Then in the afternoon I went out for another 9 miles on the trails with another friend. Some of this was a bit faster and it was bloody glorious weather so I didn’t regret doing it and felt ok once I got going (after 3 or so miles).

So that ended up being a total of 19 miles for the day.

TOTAL: 53 miles

I really enjoyed that week and feel it was a good week of training.

Week commencing 18th to 24th Feb


5 miles easy

Elements Week 5! Not getting bored yet. I am amazed the amount of flexbility you can maintain on so little training. I say this as a runner which seems to be a constant battle to keeping stretchy. Day 1 introduced the spiderman. This was so tough but I managed to do it and practice it. It certainly pointed out how weak my upper body is.


5 miles easy with friends. I would normally run to my friends house but was anxious about Wednesday’s workout so decided best to conserve my energy.

Elements was an active stretch recovery day.


My friend asked me to do 12 x 800m (90 sec rec) with her to help her not go out too fast and keep consistent. The aim was 7min/miling for all. The first 2 were bang on and the others were a little bit faster but overall perfect. This workout went by very quickly and I found it pretty easy overall.

I have never done 12 800ms in a session before so it was nice to try something new out for size. It was also nice to do a workout with someone else for a change and not on my own!

Elements involved practising some new moves again including monkey 180 and bent arm monkey. Much easier than spiderman! The push involved traditioning from each move plus high monkey.


8 miles easy plus elements active recovery stretching.


3 miles easy and elements active recovery. Switched the days around as to not mess my legs up before parkrun.


Parkrun…AGAIN! This time I was supporting another friend (same from wednesday’s session). She was aiming to do the first mile in 6.40 and wanted me to run with her. The rest of the run would be free-for-all and for her to manage pace alone. The first mile I managed to keep pretty much right on 6.40, although it felt pretty slow starting. I never look at my watch in a run so it was interesting keeping tabs on it for the first mile. After that I didn’t.

I finished parkrun in 20.35 which I was pretty pleased with as it felt pretty comfortable.

When I got home, I couldn’t resist going out for another run, so did another 5 miles partly on trails. The weather has been too beautiful to miss out lately.

Elements practising banzai frogger and frogger to frogger. The push today was high frogger. Felt quite knackered after all the running.


8.5 miles on trails at steady pace. I really enjoyed this run in the sun.

Elements involved practising with free form and flow movements.

Total: 49 miles

Another good week of training done and absolutely amazing weather to go with it! All going well and no issues whatsoever at the minute – not even feeling tired but I think that may down to pushing the calories in.

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