Training Update – 18th – 30th December

The last 2 weeks have flown by and I have somehow managed to get some decent training in.

Week commencing 18th December was as follows:

Mon: 7 easy – a standard monday run

Tues: 11x 400m with 35 second recoveries.  The aim was to do them at 1min40 per 400m.  I did these on grass and they ended up being slightly faster however not too fast.

Weds: 13 ish miles – most easy but half was with company so were probably a little faster than I would do on my own.  All in my comfort zone though.

Thurs: 5 mi tempo with warm up and cool down.  This felt pretty comfortable and I probably did it slightly faster than I should have based on the pace on calculator.  However overall it was pretty comfortable at around 7:15min/mile pace.  15 second improvement on how fast I would normally do it so happy with that.

Fri: 5 miles easy

Sat: 9 miles easy but picked up the pace due to my run friend.  Over a hilly terrain too.

Sun: Easy 6 miles with started easy then got up to steady/slow tempo pace as with a friend.

Total – 55 miles for the week.

I also did one session of Runner 360 circuit x 2 and a few days of stretching properly.

Week commencing 24th December

Mon: 17 miles hilly with friends.  This didn’t end up being easy easy but more steady.

Tues : Took it off as I earned it!

Wed : Didn’t really eat enoiugh to recover from monday so kept this easy but it felt hard.  6 miles.

Thurs : Another 6 miles easy, still not caught up on calories.  At this time of year I seem to have done the opposite of everyone else.

Fri:  3 x 1km and 4 x 200m with 1 minute recoveries.  The 1kms were way too fast for CV pace but fortunately I feel that I have recovered from it enough.

Sat: A nice easy 6 miler.

Sun: OFF I decided to have this off as race tomorrow

Tota: 45 miles

The name was to keep to around 50 miles but I have a race tomorrow so figured it could be slightly short this week.  After tomorrow’s race I will see what next to target in the New Year.

Overall good couple of weeks.  I have some nerve pain issue in my right ankle but nothing that is out of my scope to manage.  I just need to do some more hop stretches to ease it off.  Tomorrow will be a good assessment of where I am fitness wise and whether the CV work is promising.

We will see.

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