Training Update 25th Feb to 3rd March

I wasn’t happy how this week ended or turned out but it was a stressful week. I feel I still got a lot done despite that!


I sadly didn’t get to run even though I wanted to!

Elements Week 6 Day 1 – Push push push. This was a tough session 4 x 30 sec rounds of 5 movements. No breaks between the moves. My thighs were stinging by the end of the first round, so it was a case of shaking it offer in the 1 min recovery!


9 miles easy to steady.


6 x 800m with 1 min recoveries. This was pretty bang on and no issues. Stuck to the pace calculator gave me.

Elements was all about the monkey and practising various different moves. The push was 4 x 30 second rounds of 5 movements like Monday’s session but involving the monkey mainly. This was an easier session for me than Monday’s!


7 miles easy


8.5 miles easy

Elements involved all things frogger today. Practise was on different frogger moves and the push was the same outlay as the other sessions. This was pretty tough too but I got it done.


I did 15 miles very easy with some club mates. It was slower than I would do on my own but generally I don’t mind running slow or slower. Unfortunately we had someone with us who was just coming back from injury and really struggled with the distance. This resulted in quite a bit of stopping and I got cold. My muscles ached like they have never ached before after the run. It was a really hard run on my body, as stopping and starting and getting cold is not a good idea. These things happen though. I did some stretching and that helped a little.

I did some elements stretching today and waited til Sunday to do the last Elements session of the week.


I did 8 miles with friends and was still feeling achy and awful from yesterday’s run. I was also feeling annoyed I had missed a tempo run this week, so I decided that I would do 2 miles tempo when I got home. I did this. It was extremely windy so 2 miles was enough. This actually had the benefit of loosening me up a bit and my body felt much better since doing it!

Elements was about free play and practise of moves. It was a day of looking at how far I have come and assessing where I am at. Normally Elements is enough to loosen me up but the faster work for some reason was needed just to break free from the weird aches I was having.

Total Mileage: 58 miles

Overall it could have been worse. I got in mainly what I wanted to do. This week I was very tired and stressed so I am happy.

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