Training Update: 4th Feb to 10th Feb

fThis week started of exceptionally well which was lovely because Sunday I was still feeling awful.


10 miles easy. I felt amazing on this run which is why it ended up being 10 miles. A complete contrast to the day before when I felt like utter dog.

Elements Week 3, Day 1: This day was focused on bent arm bear. This was a tough move but I got it done.


I did a small interval session of 8x400m (36 second recoveries) plus 3 x 200m. This was all on grass on the local village green. It felt good to get back onto it.

I also did Elements Day 2 of Week 3 which was just some light stretching as a recovery day. I also did 2 rounds of the Runner 360 circuit. It was pretty knackering. I added in some jumping moves at the end too.

I ache in all sorts of places but I think that is more from Elements than anything else. The bent arm bear did a number on me.


The afternoon was 8 x 100m-200m sprints with my son. My legs didn’t want to move.

10 miles easy. Enjoyable run again but managed to stack it half way through. I was being slightly cocky and chuffed with myself about that I had crossed the road careful and then stacked it just after. A nice bruised and bloody knee but no damage that prevented me from continuing my run.

Elements Day 3. The focus was on the monkey 180. I was trying to make sure my form was good and managed it. I also did a lot of other things with my son – rolls, handstands, headstands and flips. These are things that feature quite regularly throughout the week. I am particularly focusing on my bridge as I want to be able to flip over like I used to be able to.

Having a focus outside of running is really helping me not obsess over the running part.


I did a short interval session in prep for Sunday. This felt ok


I did a nice easy run and nothing too strenuous. About 3 miles. I had my Hubby’s gig to go to!


I did a parkrun! I don’t ever do parkruns and have only ever done a parkrun twice before. However, this particularly parkrun was important. My friend was coming back from something quite serious and it was his first run. Me and some others kept him company, it was great.

Elements Day 6. Done and dusted.


Race day – 10K. In all honesty my legs had nothing to give. They were empty! I think this may have been down to doing Elements. I am always strong on the uphills but my legs had nothing to give going up. I felt like I was dragging my legs around the course the entire time.

I finished in a disappointing 43.47 – Over a minute and a half off my pb. I wasn’t expecting to pb on this course. Certainly because I had been ill so it takes time to get back into it but also wasn’t expecting to this bad. On reflection, after the race though, I concluded it was a mixture of being ill and doing too much squatting (Elements) the day before.

My friend, on the other hand, had an excellent race which made up for my crap one. He also pointed out that the course had many twists and turns which wouldn’t have helped for a decent time. The ending also wasn’t very nice.

Overall happy with this week getting back into the swing of things. Onwards and upwards.

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