Training Update: 7th to 20th January

The last 2 weeks have been great weeks of training.

Mon: Easy 8

Tues: 4 mile tempo

Weds: Easy 8 plus Runner 360

Thurs: 6 x 800m with 1 min recoveries

Fri: 7 easy miles

Sat: 3 x 15 min hills. This ended up being 18 miles long by the time I got home.

Sun: Easy 5

Total – 60 miles

This week I felt pretty good the whole week. I was a bit tired for saturday’ hills but on sunday had a very nice easy run which I wasn’t tired on. I was happy to get in my main qualities of an interval session and a tempo. I also was glad to get some hills in too. Overall I felt pretty strong.

Mon: 8 miles easy

Tues: 6 x 1.4km hills. This was with a friend. It was 700m down, then 700m back up as an effort.

Weds: Day off as out all day.

Thurs: Easy 7

Fri: 3 mile tempo/progressive

Sat: 9 miles which were probably too fast.

Sun: ILL

Total: 51 miles

This week went pretty well. The tuesday session was extremely tough and I nearly bailed after doing 5 but my friend convinced me to finish the last, which ended up being my fastest. The hill was not too steep so this worked out to be a longer interval session. I don’t normally do that much work because I try to follow the principlds on, which if memory serves me right means that for intervals and for my pace I need to do 20-24 mins of effort. I don’t need to do more than that. In this case this was well over that amount. The effort was over 5 miles in total! Fortunately I forced to not run the next day so that probably benefited me immensely.

On friday I did a 3 mile tempo but it was a little fast and each mile got faster. The third was 6.44. I should be really aiming for around 7.10 I think for short tempos but I think I got carried away because it was cold.

Saturday I ended up running faster than I should have. It should have been really easy but this was more steady. I could feel I was overdoing it. My OH was home from work friday with PROPER flu. I don’t normally pick these things up but I think because I overdid it sat, I lowered my immune system and here I am ill.

I did not get proper flu but I just seem to have gone straight to bronchitis. This current week has been a total right off as a result which is frustrating to say the least. I am not sure how long it will take for my chest to clear. After Sunday, Mon, Tues off I was feeling better albeit the typical phlegmy cough that ultimately is suppose to linger for ages. I went for a 15 min run which was ok. I don’t intend to do anything hard until the bronchitis has completely gone but from doing some reading, it seems slow running can be ok. I tend to not run when it is on the chest but sometimes it is nice to run to help shift some phlegm. I will try again today to run and see how it goes. I will run slow and as much as my body will allow me.

I am hoping this week off and potentially next is not going to derail my plans of a good time in February but right now I need to take it one day at a time and not be stupid. I had a race sat that I have opted out of. It was the Southern XC at Parliament Hill. There is no way I could do it and I am not dumb enough to do it either. Always next year.

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