Training Update: April 1st to 7th


Rest – I had a race Sunday so decided to enjoy a day off.


4.5 miles easy


I decided to do a 2km timetrial for my 3km track race in a few weeks. The time I managed was 7.43 which isn’t too bad. I think I got the pacing bang on as it was very evenly run. I ran to track (3 miles) and back.

Then I did some strength work using GMB’s programme – moving on from Elements as that has been completed for a while now. I finished with some stretching.

Then in the evening I went out for another run. This ended up being progressive. I just ran to feel but I ended with a 7.08 mile which didn’t feel like it. I did the second run as I knew it was unlikely I would get out on thursday.


Rest day as out all day so no real time.


10.6 miles easy and properly easy. In recent weeks I have noticed my easy pace is a lot faster and as I had parkrun sat and wanted to do something fastish, I figured I better keep this properly slow. This ended up being slightly longer than planned. I went offroad and sorta underestimated the distance but fortunately not by too much!


Parkrun – 20.39. Happy with that as it was progressive – don’t think I have ever done a 5k where each mile gets faster – usually the opposite like a lot of people.

I also did a strength session later in the day, as per GMB again.


17.6 miles! I ran with a friend as she wanted company on her 15 mile run and well I needed the pull to get up early and do it as I couldn’t later in the day. I ran to meet her which added up the miles (and she thankfully gave me a lift home!). Her progressive was a very easy one for both of us and of course we started out fast – we still kept it progressive though worked harder than what she needed to do based on her plan. I don’t really need to be doing this kind of long run but I do like run company and I do like running a lot.

Total miles: 50

I am happy with how this week has went with some strong sessions. I do feel though that something is still missing from the plan to help me really improve my 5k/10k times – something I have always missed out which I will talk about on my next update.

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